Top Viewing Party Tips

Whether you're getting together to watch the finale of your favorite TV series or cheering on your favorite sports team, set the stage for an exciting evening with family and friends by hosting your very own viewing party.

You'll receive plenty of praise from your guests with these five tips:

1. Set-up: When decorating for your at-home viewing party, look for colors and other trinkets that fit into your event's theme. For example, sporting events always call for your team's colors, or if you're planning on binge watching your favorite new TV series - you'll need proper entertainment-themed items like British flags and tea cups, scandalous tabloids or thrones for seating.

2. Create a Memorable Entrance: Impress party-goers the minute they walk in. For movie or TV viewings, place a red carpet, rug or long piece of red fabric against a blank white wall near the entrance to simulate a red carpet "step and repeat" paparazzi photo zone.

3. Please Be Seated in Theater (or Stadium) Style: Provide each guest with a cardboard tray to carry food and beverages to the seating area.

4. Serve Popcorn with Flair: Add zest to popcorn by using real butter mixed with herbs or sprinkle grated Dry Jack cheese on top for a burst of flavor.

. Premiere a Themed Concession Stand: Food is the highlight of any outing, and your viewing party is no exception. Feature delicious nibbles and noshes such as these simple recipes for Wild Wild West Dip, Super Chicken Chilaquiles and Bacon Oaxaca Mini Grilled Cheeses.

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Whole Grains for the Whole Day

Getting enough whole grains into your family's diet may seem like a whole lot of work, but one trick for getting more grains throughout the day is by using an ingredient family members of all ages will love - cereal.

Starting the day off right begins with eating a breakfast rich in whole grains. Cereals such as Honey Bunches of Oats Whole Grain are packed with more than two-thirds of your day's whole grain and a touch of sweetness for a deliciously wholesome breakfast.

You can also use cereal in recipes for other meals and snacks to give your family extra servings of the whole grains they need with flavors they can enjoy all day long. For example, meatballs made with crushed whole grain cereal make for a tasty dinner, and you can feel good about satisfying your sweet tooth with easy to make whole grain sweet and salty clusters.

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